Don’t spend money on big storage. Get a cheap and beautiful string shelf (stringhylla)

If Scandinavians possess Some thing, it is their craftsmanship that is precious. This fashion of design is now the trend within pragmatic and minimalist décor in late years. The ease and elegance of these furniture attract the interest of all people. Anyone who’s short on distance and wishes to organize their items efficiently should think about this type of furnishings.

A good example of that is That the string shelf (stringhylla) therefore versatile which you may put in it anywhere inside your home without breaking the ribbon’s harmony. It may be a bath shelf being a lovely library in this study. If you decide to put it from your kitchenit fits nicely to place all the condiment jars and anything else.

Grow your library. With all the string bookshelf (string bokhylla)version
If You’re one of Those who requires a particular spot to their large collection of novels, this version is terrific for you personally. It truly is straightforward however amazing, therefore easy to set it up wont require a handful of minutes. Anyway, it is possible to expand it to infinity by obtaining greater shelves. Its integration style allows you to install multiple string bookshelf (string bokhylla)shelves since you’d like, plus they’ll consistently look like one part of furnishings.

Made with watertight Substances and taken care of at a way that highlights its beauty, the bokhylla version is fantastic for offices, residence studios, and lots of different environments. It’s an ideal organizer for smaller distances and has enough immunity to resist heavy books.

You can install them At the sort of the string shelves (stringhyllor)

In the Event You’ve only moved In and have few objects, you may only require a single shelf. Its measurements are sufficient to store about fifteen novels. Its height is fifty centimeters, and every one of the panels is off centimeters extended. Broad enough to hold novels and different items and streamlined enough to install in your bathroom.

But when you need to Expand its size, you should only purchase the Väggavel or wall sockets, which are additional bits that will allow one to install all the added panels that you will need. You may also purchase yet another bokhylla shelf and then install it alongside to the past one. Their model is also therefore versatile they are going to look just like just one bit.